Christine Perkins | Heather Kennedy 

Our philosophy stems from the understanding that design is far more than just aesthetic. Your space should inspire you and harmonize with your lifestyle. We are driven by our passion to improve the human experience and add value to the interactions one has with their daily environment.  

Holding a BFA in Environmental & Interior Design from Syracuse University, our Principal Designer Heather works to curate dream homes for clients in both rural and urban seaside communities. Originally from the coast of Maine, Heather draws her design inspiration from the natural environment and an intimate understanding of life in coastal New England. Prior to living on Nantucket, Heather lead construction and real estate design teams in Portland, Maine.

Christine has practiced Interior Design on Nantucket for several years delivering renovated homes and fully furnished rental properties. She hails from the British Isles, bringing her own unique perspective and expertise. Christine’s understanding of European design influences her aesthetic with an approach that creates warm and sophisticated environments. Her skills as an experienced project manager empowers our team with the ability to orchestrate our creative workflow, an essential component to providing a cohesive design for each client.

We believe that exceptional client service demands more than simple decorating knowledge. We are constantly striving to further develop and expand our knowledge of practices within the design industry. Staying current and educated on trends and software enables us to offer a more thoughtful service to our clients - resulting in designs that are truly customized to our clients challenges, needs, and interactions within each room.


We're visual people and we believe visual examples are the best way to translate a concept. We work with a combination of technologies to produce construction documents, 3-D models, renderings and concept boards in order to illustrate a design.




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